Bibliography of Strategic Gaming

Research in the field of strategic gaming is hampered by the fact that the existing resources are widely scattered and infrequently cataloged.  The CASL Research Bibliography Project aims to collect and categorize references on strategic gaming, in the hopes of furthering the professional dialogue.  This is by no means a definitive list of gaming related materials, and we welcome any suggestions for further items to include or for changes in format that would be useful.  

 The first file contains all of our currently collected references, while the others include subsets of the overall list.

 This bibliography was compiled using RefWorks citation management software.  Researchers and practitioners who would like to receive this bibliography in a format compatible with their citation management system should contact us.

 CASL also maintains a anthology of pieces we think are relevant to new gamers, focused on the needs of those doing strategic, educational gaming.  A link to the annotated source list is here: CASL Gaming Anthology