Col Hank Presecan

Senior Military Fellow, CASL

Colonel Thomas (Hank) Presecan

Adjunct Faculty

Senior International Affairs Analyst

National Defense University

Center for Applied Strategic Learning


Colonel Hank Presecan joined the Center for Applied Strategic Learning in October 2020 after completing his tour as the Officer in Charge of the Field History Branch for the Marine Corps History Division. Prior to the History Division, Colonel Presecan served as a Team Leader with the Marine Air Ground Task Force Staff Training Program (MSTP), providing realistic higher and adjacent headquarters functions for Marine Expeditionary Force level training audiences. He is a Joint Qualified Officer with expertise in Joint and Marine Corps Planning Process, operational history, organizational management, DoD acquisition and contracting, and business leadership. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Ocean Engineering from the US Naval Academy, and Master of Science in Information and Telecommunication Systems Management from Capital Technology University, and a Master of Business Administration from Jack Welch Management Institute, Strayer University.